About us

We are a team of professionals (based in Lithuania) with numerous years of experience in International road freight. We have realized that we can make a difference in Spedition and Freight Forwarding industry by improving freight ordering process. We have build a network of carriers in Europe and we can help our customers to get the best spedition quotes offer for their routes.

If you contact transport company directly you will usually get standard rate on your route. However we know which company is operating most in every European region and which of them have empty truck at a given time in near proximity to the client. Right information, at a right time provided to the right carrier can result in 15-30% savings for you.

Why is it worth ordering international road transport via Speditioncenter.eu:

  • You will save time looking for most optimal solution. With us you only need to fill in the quote form.
  • most probably we will find a cheaper solution.
  • getting a Quotation is FREE of charge!

Booking with us is easy – fill out our booking form, choose time frame you can wait for the quotation and we will come back with 3 spedition quote offers! You can than select a transport company which suits your needs best and can book a delivery. We cover both West and East Europe. We only offer reliable transport companies with many years of experience in the industry. International freight forwarding was never easier before.

Currently we only offer Full Truck Load (FTL) international spedition and freight forwarding. However, in the near future we will also be able to offer spedition quotes for Less than Truck Load (LTL) deliveries.

For any questions or support please write to us – booking@speditioncenter.eu


The Future

spedition quotes
Spedition quotes


Our Vision –  is to become an information hub for all FTL deliveries in Europe. This way we could reduce inefficiency in the industry where 38% of all trips are done with empty trucks.

Our mission – is to make transportation industry more efficient by reducing number of inefficient routes and CO2 emission at the same time. We also want to increase trust between customers and carriers.

Our goals – are to reduce empty truck trips to 10% level by 2025 and and make a payment trust issue a thing of the past.